BLUTENGEL: Children Of The Night – The Open Air

Slowly the sun sank behind the horizon, the night fell – and Blutengel, her Children, entered the stage, greeted by the cheers 3000 nocturnal souls. The chills that were started by this moment are most likely only understandable for those joining the event, the „Children Of The Night“, the Blutengel Open Air, this unique concert at Wasserschloss Klaffenbach being a very special moment even in the history of this very one of a kind band.

It was this moment that gave birth to the decision to let the „Children Of The Night“ rise again in this year. The reason was not only the sweeping success but also the anniversary, 20 years of Blutengel, asking for a very special setting. This setting shall now be built. Again we searched and we found a very special concert location: Magdeburg, Festung Mark, 31st August 2019. In this venerable scenery the children of the night will enter the stage again – and a concert experience that you will remember for the rest of your live will follow as sure as the sun will set. Of course there will be exclusive Shape Tickets again.