ROME • Nordhausen • NekroWerk Klub

Wo: NekroWerk Klub Nordhausen

Ort: 99734 Nordhausen, Deutschland

Datum: 09 Mar bis 09 Mar

Zeit: 20:30 – 23:30

Due to production reasons the concert of ROME (Jerome Reuter) on 09.03.2019 will be moved from The Londoner, Gotha, to the NekroWerk Klub Nordhausen in Nordhausen.

Tickets already purchased for Gotha remain valid, but can also be returned at the respective advance booking offices!

changed! Admission: 19:00
changed! Start: 20:30

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ROME (Jerome Reuter)
MOSAIC (Supreme Thuringian Folklore – Gotha)
NIHIL NIHIL (Singer-Songwriter – Erfurt)
LEDING (Singer-Songwriter – Detmold)

Rome’s musical world is unique. Traditional songwriting is refined with refined poetry and unusual arrangements in a distinctive mix of styles. While the first works of ROME show clear influences from the genres Industrial and Darkfolk, the albums “Flowers from Exile” (2009) and “Nos Chants Perdus” (2010) show a shift to French Chanson and American Folk. The chanson of his declared idols Jacques Brel and Léo Ferré also meets cool rock and wave influences from Joy Division and New Model Army. ROME liked to describe her style as “Chanson Noir”. The joy of experimentation of the Luxembourg songwriter and mastermind behind ROME has not diminished, on the contrary. And so ROME returns on his new album from No-Wave Folk to the martial neo-folk of his roots. Reuters songs – mostly as parts of genre-spanning concept albums – are able to convince both historians and culture-interested people, as well as dance-happy Indierocker, Goths and Punks.

Jerome Reuter is a driven man with an immense musical output. With “Le Ceneri di Heliodoro” (The Ashes of Heliodoro) he already releases his 13th album. The last albums have all been released on the dark alternative label Trisol Music. ROME often deals with historical and important topics in his lyrics, spitting them out with pieces from literature. There are quotations from Brecht to Jünger, from Camus to Celine, from Burroughs to London.

On “Le Ceneri di Heliodoro”, ROME addresses sensitive, highly topical topics in particular. Reuter does not shy away from provocation and ambiguity. He deals with Europe’s crumbling unity, the fragile kinship of all the different European nations and their relationship to the USA. Questions of continuity and identity that have shaped this precarious decade visibly leave an impression on Reuter. What the mysterious Heliodoro, a scholar of Greek high culture and demon or prophet depending on his point of view, wants to tell us, Reuter leaves open in his Neofolk-Tour de Force. It is a dark picture that ROME draws in his melancholic folk songs. So the new album is once again a tribute to Reuter’s hallmarks of forlornness and outsiderism.

The single “One Lion’s Roar”, a proud, vitalistic outcast anthem, shortens the wait until the album release. A lion, ROME’s most loyal dissident and proud outsider, is the emblem and patron saint of the band.

Source: Facebook